The information on this page is generated directly off the database used by the master download server every 30 minutes. Under normal circumstances, there should be no need to use mirrors directly, and look at this table for that purpose. If you do see the need, there might be something wrong and it would be appreciated if you notify the admins about it, so it can be fixed for the benefit of yourself, and possibly many other users.

This page lists mirror servers where you can download openSUSE. For specific distributions, we recommend to help with choosing the correct download, which will automatically choose the best mirror.

If you have a server with some space left, and want to help with making the openSUSE experience better for other users, become a mirror!

Table with all mirror servers that mirror openSUSE Ports, cross builds for different architectures
Country Operator Mirror URLs Priority Ports
ke Kenya Liquid Telecom HTTP FTP rsync ***
za South Africa TENET - Tertiary Education Network HTTP FTP rsync ***
cn China eScience Center, Nanjing University HTTP rsync ***
cn China Harbin Institute of Technology Linux User Group HTTP rsync ***
cn China Shanghai Jiao Tong University Network Information Center HTTP rsync ***
jp Japan JAIST - Japan Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology HTTP FTP rsync ***
my Malaysia IP Serverone Solutions Sdn Bhd HTTP rsync ***
tw Taiwan Yuan Ze University HTTP FTP rsync ***
bg Bulgaria NetiX HTTP FTP rsync ***
cz Czech Republic CZLUG - Czech Linux Users' Group HTTP FTP rsync ***
cz Czech Republic CZ.NIC HTTP FTP rsync ***
cz Czech Republic Silicon Hill, Student’s Union CTU HTTP FTP rsync ***
de Germany Carsten Braun Software Solutions HTTP rsync ***
de Germany GWDG - Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung mbH Göttingen HTTP FTP rsync ****
de Germany IPHH - Internet Port Hamburg GmbH HTTP ***
de Germany openSUSE Heroes - sponsored by QSC AG HTTP rsync ***
de Germany University of Kaiserslautern HTTP FTP rsync ***
ee Estonia Elion HTTP rsync *
fr France Free HTTP ***
fr France RpmFind, Lyon HTTP FTP rsync **
nl Netherlands Rotterdam University HTTP FTP rsync *
pl Poland ICM - Interdisciplinary Center for Mathematical and Computational Modeling HTTP FTP rsync ***
pl Poland RPM PBone Search HTTP FTP rsync **
pt Portugal RNL - Técnico Lisboa HTTP FTP rsync ***
se Sweden Lysator ACS HTTP FTP rsync ***
North America:
ca Canada Dalhousie University, Halifax NS HTTP rsync ***
ca Canada MUUG - Manitoba UNIX User Group HTTP FTP rsync ***
ca Canada University of Waterloo Computer Science Club HTTP FTP rsync *
us United States Georgia Institute of Technology HTTP FTP rsync **
us United States openSUSE HTTP FTP rsync ***
us United States openSUSE Heroes HTTP FTP rsync ***
us United States Princeton University Mathematics HTTP rsync ***
us United States Purdue Linux Users Group HTTP FTP rsync ***
us United States Rochester Institute of Technology - Research Computing HTTP rsync *
us United States TDS Telecom HTTP rsync ***
us United States Virginia Tech Transportation Institute HTTP FTP rsync ***
au Australia AARNet - Australia's Research and Education Network HTTP FTP rsync **
au Australia iiNet HTTP FTP ***
au Australia Internode HTTP FTP *
au Australia Netspace Online Systems HTTP FTP ***
nz New Zealand UFONE HTTP rsync ***
South America:
br Brazil Federal University of Paraná, Center for Scientific Computing and Free Software (C3SL) HTTP rsync ****
ec Ecuador Consorcio Ecuatoriano para el Desarrollo de Internet Avanzado HTTP FTP rsync ***
uy Uruguay Facultad de Derecho, Universidad de la República, Uruguay HTTP rsync ***
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